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Removing the Unwanted - Part 2



After yesterdays blog post I got to work getting the rest of the AC system out as well as the EGR system.


I removed the AC compressor, which I'm pretty sure could run a small motorcycle, through the bottom without having to put the car up on jackstands which was nice. I was also able to pick up where my wife left off and pull the full center console out. I honestly think it looks pretty good without a console and I may leave it out in the future. 


As I noted in a comment on my last post I did end up cutting the EGR tube at the exhaust manifold. Unfortunately, try as I might I was unable to get the coupling out of the manifold... so I am going to pull the manifold and try it on a bench. If I cant get it there I will probably try to get a replacement of some sort. Does anyone know if an e30 M10 exhaust manifold works in a 2002? I know the e21 manifold looks to exit in the wrong location, but the e30 one looks like it could be OK.


Last but not least, the carb wire. I searched the site and found that it is used as a fuel shutoff to prevent dieseling. Mystery solved. Since it wasnt causing idle issues before I started pulling things out of the engine bay I will leave it in place, but clean up the wiring a bit.


And this, I think, concludes the removal of systems in the engine bay. Now its time to start getting in some new parts. I have most of the cooling hoses that I need. New water pump is already in place. 


Bonus! I dropped by my grandparents house and borrowed a couple old tools that I knew he had laying around. The one that is most pertinent to this forum is the JRE Wonderbox. According to my dad he bought this for my Grandfather back in the late 70's when the family had 2 or 3 '02s. I hope it still works and I can figure out how to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.









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