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1600 Cabriolet Door Seals

Picked uptake new door seals ordered from Walloth-Nesch at Vintage Sports & Restoration Friday January 15, 2021. Had been waiting a year for the set of new door seals to become available & bought them the day I was notified of their availability.


First step was to label where each seal went, wash off the mold release powder & sand the gluing surface of the rubber.

2nd step was removing the desicated old rock hard door seals & clean up the old glue with Xylol. This process took an eye for detail over 2 days, with breaks for fresh air.


The full Cabriolet door seals are made of 4 separate pieces. A-pillar, door sill, upper B & lower B-pillar seals.


The A-pillar starts at the top & meets with the top's foam window block. For this I had the top up & locked. With a plastic broad bladed trim tool, I worked the rubber flange into the aluminum channel. This took 10 minutes per side & let the lower part hang loose for now.


The B-Pillar lower part was installed next. The top needs to be unlatched & lifted to give ample space to install. This piece clamps the top of the body panel & has a channel that extends to the rear upper door card. Then gets glued in position. 


Upper B-pillar on the 1/8th window. I put the top up & latched to see how long the piece needed to be, unlatched the top & opened it 1/2 way. It's an easy piece to install. I didn't glue it, there is a flange on the leading edge then pressed in the back with the plastic trim tool. I went from an inch above the flange to 1/8 below so it meets the top of the lower B-pillar slightly compressed.


The door sill seal I fit the the B-pillar first then installed the screwed on sill plate with 6 stainless 8 x 3/4 (8 x 2mm) Phillips pan head screws. I installed all 6 screws then marked the A-pillar to the sill gasket, removed the first 3 screws & test fit them together. When it was ready, I glued the lower A-pillar & fit the small tab into the door sill seal. Finished installing the screws & lastly the pinch welting.


The next project is to adjust the doors & A-pillar windows. The driver side door needs be lowered in the front & raised in the lower right corner. The passenger side requires a window height adjustment & the A-pillar window raised and tilted inwards 1-2°. 







Janusary 21st. Finished installing the door seals this morning. Thank you Mario Langsten, Chris Langsten & Voit Ritch for the advice & guidance.

I used 3M Yellow Weatherstrip Adhesive which works great.






















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