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WORK Wheels centre caps...



I had a look at the centre caps that came with the wheels and they were a bit shot, I wasn't happy with the finish at all.


I've seen some limited edition centre caps online that some JDM cars are running in yellow rather than chrome, and I thought they looked awesome. I sent WORK Wheels UK /Driftworks an email last week on the off chance they had one or two left in stock (not likely as they were launched in 2017 and were really popular) and they came back and said they didn't.


But the ones I had were so shot I thought why not... I'll paint them!




Here's the inspiration.


I tried to get as good match as possible but yellow is a hard colour to match, especially with different primer colours etc.


In the end I went for the brightest yellow I could on a white plastic primer.




Here's the products I went for!




Lightly keyed the caps up with some grey scotch brite.




Wiped them down with some panel wipe.




A couple of light coats of white primer and then hit the yellow with three good coats (15/20 minute intervals between each) and then three really good coats of lacquer using the same process.


The reason I've lacquered the yellow is that I plan on keying these up tomorrow once they've dried overnight and then hitting them with the black. I'll then get some wet n dry fine sandpaper and really gently sand the black back to yellow on the parts I want exposed. It saves on masking and messing around with bleeding edged etc. plus you can be far more accurate.


The lacquer also doubles up as an extra layer of protection against running through to the primer or the black underneath on the really fine detail of the logo.


Just in case anyone else is planning on spraying something similar!


I'll update the thread tomorrow with the results, when I've rubbed through to the black underneath and had to start again :lol:


Anyway, whilst I was waiting for some paint to dry I couldn't resists and had to see what the Cobra RSR's would look like with the OMP harnesses as I've so far resisted the urge to unpack anything properly...




I think it's going to look fantastic!


You'll notice there's a yellow highlight theme running through the entire build, which I'm really liking. I think with the black paint and the wheels it lends a really 70's look which I like a lot, exactly what I had in mind when I started the build!


Thanks for reading.

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So today I finished off the centre caps for the car. I actually ended up going in a different direction than originally planned, but I think they've turned out okay!


So I started the day off by spraying over the yellow black, ready to gently be rubbed down / stripped back to yellow on the lettering.




However, I ran into a couple of issues. Rubbing back to yellow was going really well until I ran through to the primer on one letter and then had to try and touch in the paint... that didn't end well  :oops:  my clever idea didn't seem too clever after all!


In the end I stripped back all the paint, undoing all my work from yesterday, and thought about a way round it.


I decided to mirror the colours and go for black lettering with a yellow background as that way I could sand down to the plastic with impunity and lacquer over everything!




They ended up looking pretty good I thought!




I then masked up the outer parts of the caps and sprayed them in black, for a smarter finish.






I think the final result looks pretty good! Once lacquered the plastic comes up really well and it all ties in nicely.


I've not done anything like this before so it was a learning curve but definitely good fun!

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