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02 with an M42 swap - New Year



Happy New Year to all.


I hope you're all well. Thought I'd post a new years update as a bit more progress has been made. I got a drill press for Christmas which I'm chuffed about :D  and this year the interior and boot of the car has now been painted in the final colour!


I think it look epic.


Over the Christmas break I got a bit carried away and ordered some WORK Equip 03 wheels - 15x8 Et-3 and some TOYO R888R's, 205/50r15. Absolutely chuffed with how it all looks and not I'm praying that the wheels and tyres fit under the arches :lol:


I got the wheels today and had the tyres put on, now I've dropped them off at my detailer friends place as he is going to give them a once over with the polisher and apply some ceramic coating to give them a bit of protection and make them easier to clean!




Loved setting this up over the Christmas break! Was a great excuse to get out the house.






The boot finished in the final colour - I think it all looks epic, it's really coming together now.








Here's the interior in the final colour too - some sound deadening has been applied before paint but I think I'm going to try and cover the whole lot in something before it gets trimmed - anyone got any good recommendations? In my minds eye I can see some sort of chrome looking stuff but I can't think what it's called!










I'm seriously in love with these wheels... could have stared at them for hours! :P


The budget is really getting stretched on the project now so I think things will slow a bit once the car is back from paint... I'm going to build up the rear calipers and plumb in the brake / fuel lines myself, hopefully I can also get the engine wired up and running as everyone tells me that should be an "easy" job.


I'm basically going to try and get as much done myself I can whilst saving to get some of the big stuff ticked off like the interior trimming and new glass / rubber!


I also stupidly bought a really nice brand new Eaton M45 supercharger off eBay just before Christmas, so I'm now on the lookout for an M44 engine I can build on the bench whilst enjoying the car as is, with the supercharger mated to a GKD kit.


As always with these projects things are starting to get out of control 🤮


Thanks for reading.

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