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Building a center console

Shawn Piper


My car came dealer equipped with a FrigiKing AC unit as a console. However, in the 90s, the whole unit was unfortunately removed and tossed because it had broken.  I wanted to replace the unit with a non-AC variety.  My goal is to have something period correct that allows me to play music from my phone.


In my '66 Beetle, I used a RetroSound stereo with a vintage faceplate and knobs.  This time I tried something different.  Inspired by what I've seen on this site, I decided to use a vintage stereo  and wire it to a BT receiver.  


The parts gathering process took about 6 months.  First was the short console itself.  Then I acquired a speaker grill, which I straightened, polished/painted, and then added new fabric. Finally the stereo, wiring, and speaker, which came from vintageblau.com.  






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Would you be able to describe how you built the BT receiver/ Vintage radio combo?

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What is the Bluetooth receiver make model?   Looks like it says KiP on it,but nothing leapt out searching kip Bluetooth.   Thanks!

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Its KiP brand, but there isn't a model # printed on it anywhere. I bought it from Vintage Blau. He's active on these forums too.




These moduls seem to be homebrewed or made in small batches but I regularly see them for sale on eBay and the Samba (there was a user selling modules that had a microphone input so you can take calls, which is cool). 


You are basically looking the for a BT module with a DIN connector and documented support for your radio type.  7 or 8 pin connectors support stereo, 6 pin connector support mono only.  This one looks pretty good:



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