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Starting on engine stuff

Shawn Piper


When the engine came out of the car, it was very tired and it needed a rebuild.  


200414 69 BMW (10).jpg


But after taking care of the fundamentals, I was left wondering what I should do with it? A lot of the original equipment had been changed over the years so it wasn't practical to return it to stock.  Therefor I decided to strip off the remaining smog equipment and go with a side draft setup.  


I started with a new mechanical distributor setup and higher flow fuel pump (13311260677) 





These would support a single DCOE and on a Lynx manifold (i've changed course on this and i'm now using dual DCOEs, so this setup will be for sale shortly)




I also found this cool dipstick holder so I could remove the smog pump bracket




Other parts (new fan, water pump, clutch, seals, belts, etc) came from Ireland Engineering and Blunt.  The end product looked very nice!


IMG-3612 (2).JPEG


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