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Finally getting around to posting the updates to my '02 that I completed during our brief but awesome warm season here in Michigan. 


The first images are most current.  Then the in-progress.  The last images are the 'before'.  I guess everything is in reverse chronological order.  Really happy with the results so far, though I really really really don't recommend installing a carpet yourself like I did.  There's also a photo of me installing the carpet, just so you can see what a stupid idea it was.  



Vinyl-dyed the tan interior (seats, door panels and parts, backseat trim
Installed form-fitted single-piece carpet (because I'm dumb)

Cut new door cards (the boards behind the aesthetic pieces were all weather-rotted, staple-gunned the newly dyes trim onto them
Drilled new rails so the Ricaro Seats would fit....
Restored the wood on the center console
Installed the seats, trim etc.


I'd love to hear what you think!







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Oh here's another 'before' shot.  The wood in the center console was split, so I had to use woodglue to put it back together, then sand and seal it.  I painted the ugly tan and fake-wood bits of the dash, removed the old-lady sun protectors...


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Nicely done! Amazing what a color change and some details will make on an interior.

You got me with "old lady protectors". Does that mean the dash mat?

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haha yes, the dash mat.  And yes, black always looks so sleek - plus it really makes the chrome bits pop!  
I'll never understand why people in the 70's thought that a tan that's the color of the skin-suit in Silence of the Lambs would make for a great interior lol.  

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For the shape of the front seat and the Alpina handle  I think that the black interior matches well.
I also sympathize with the light gray carpet.

     I recommend Alpina for the horn switch.

20201128 alpina.jpg

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oooooh thats cool!!  I didnt know my handles were Alpina...I dont think my car is.  Although, the car was in pieces when I got it, so who knows lol. 

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I'm right there with you with the interior color change. Good choice. I hope you primed the panels, mine have lasted years and look great.






Also, this is what I did for the sun visors. When the headliner was redone, they were also dyed black and they look great. 

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