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Not much happening at the moment



I'm in hurry up and wait mode just now.  

Expected soonish, but not here yet are:

  1. Definite: THE TITLE - I'll finally be able to register it and DRIVE it!
  2. Definite: Steel front fenders from Walloth & Nesch
  3. Definite: Rear bench delete from Esty
  4. Definite: Preval paint kit to close match my faded Mint Grun as I clear away the rusty bits.
  5. Maybe: A hood.  I keep waffling here between a rust free steel one and a fiberglass one
  6. Maybe: a carb & intake manifold upgrade.  Looking at redline kits, but waiting to hear back from Bill @ Road Rockets about options he may have.
  7. Wanted/searching: a 2nd M10 to tear down and rebuild to ultimately replace the tired one the car is running


Continue to ask all my noob questions here in the FAQ and appreciate the answers & patience I receive in doing so.  

Made a new profile pic to go with my sig, but when I shrunk down to profile/comment sizes it's impossible to tell what it is :lol:   Will attach the original here as something to post. 



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Love that rendering at the top. You do that?

Stay with a steel hood. The fiberglass need a lot of "help".

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