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We have hydraulic systems... among other things

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It’s hard to remember all of things that have taken place since last I updated this blog but here it goes:


With the shortblock/trans/subframe in the car I turned my attention to the shift tower. I’m using the early style linkage as that’s what I had available to me. I shortened the the tower to fit centered in the opening in the tunnel, then cut down the shift rod to match. All new bushings/isolators/and a shortened support rod were installed.

I ended up ordering a new clutch master cylinder and calipers as the master I had intended to use had deep pits in the bore after cleaning and I realized that for about $35 ea for reman’d calipers it just wasn’t worth my time to tear into old ones. I’ll save those and the kits for an emergency situation/rainy day. I recreated all of the brake hard lines in Cu Ni alloy. The trailing arms were cleaned, new bushings installed, painted, and all of the braking components were refurbished/replaced. The parking brake handle got some attention: cleaning, straightening, lubing, shiming. After that the new cables were installed along with the resealed/painted LSD and subframe (complete with new mounts/rebushed diff hanger). I now have a set of Poly subframe mount inserts that I will get around to installing at some point. IE stage 2 springs, 1 dot pads, and Bilstein Sport shocks finished out the rear suspension 




Both front wheels now point the same direction again thanks to a new center link, new inner and outer tie rod ends and freshly blasted/painted turnbuckle tubes. Reconnecting the steering column to the steering box will happen soon.


There were quite a few rust blisters on the underside of the car that were scuffed and treated. Most of the seams have an application of 3M seam Sealer now. There are a few yet to.


In the interior I’ve managed to POR-15 the floor pans and apply Kilmat to most of the surfaces. The heater box was disassembled/cleaned/reassembled with new foam. Wiring harnesses have been cleaned/rewrapped/placed. A new tank to engine fuel line (the special cohline heat sealing variety) has been routed through the cabin. 



I’d better get my driveshaft measured/cut and get the cylinder head stripped/milled soon. Those are quickly becoming the “hold-ups” to taking a short test drive before the bodywork begins.

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