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Holly cow, what was I thinking. I have no time.



So I am back in the T. Hundreds of boxes later, and not even close to thinking about anything other than taking the car out once every three weeks for an hour or so. 


The garage is a disaster, I have to rearrange everything. Move hoses, wiring etc.


I have a whole shop air filter to install.  If anybody is doing anything somewhat serious then think about one.  200-400(ish) will get you one on Amazon.  Some people put a bag of activated charcoal in the filter pockets to try to absorb VOC's.  I am not entirely sure it would make a difference.  The filter removes fine particles, that regardless of what they are, they are small enough to cause problems as they get deep into your lungs.


Everything got here fine. Merging toolboxes is a painstaking chore. Something that I do while paint dries on something. 


I will be lucky to do anything on it until Feb at this rate. House and family need my attention now.






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