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COVID 19 update



OK so it is time to "catch up" a bit here.  COVID 19 has kept me busy with my BMW - aka "the occupier".  Been sitting for five years after I "got it running" with a lot of necessary parts - The Engine, The Brakes, The Shocks, The Electrical and The Fuel. 


Was good but it was kinda like that first and second date.    She needed a lot of work. 


I sold my 1972 Karmann Ghia Convertible to pay for the BMW Project ... and yes I do miss my Ghia dearly.


So where I am now is on blocks again since COVID 19.  And yes the labor of love is so much fun.  Budgets are not fun.


Here are the areas where I will spend time in the upcoming blog entries.


*Interior - full restoration to as close to new as I can get it.  New Seats, Carpet and Dash.   Out with the complete Recaro you may have seen from the earlier shots I have posted.  I just could not look at the car from outside and see those seats protruding inside the cabin...

*Full restoration on the heater box/heater core

*Door Seals, Window Seals, Headliner, New Glass front and rear

*Frame Rail - Driver's Side

*Engine - check for issues - since I built it myself I am my own worst critic.  Ditching the Dellortos for a 38/38 and a 123 ignition.

*5-Speed is a possibility - not sure for some reason hesitating.  Could be that the new Just Dashes project has a 4 speed symbol nicely embossed and darn it won't match?

*Steering box - well you may have seen my saga there - I think with all the parts I can assemble one good one...

*Exhaust - get back to right side exit - picked up a W&N spaghetti manifold and exhaust in stainless

*Bumpers/Grills - yes I have one early and one late grill.  Never knew that.  Gonna fix that too.  Got some better looking non rusted original guards for the rear.  


Paint - if I can ever find a shop that will do it.  


Did I miss anything - Jesus this is going to be nice.  🙂



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