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10 Years Ago Today



Found this amazing 1973 2002Tii on ebay back in May 2010. It checked all the boxes for me. Did my due diligence during the auction, then hemmed & hawed for days. Today is the 10th anniversary of my winning bid. We have travelled over 120K miles together in those 10 years and have had a great time smiling every mile. 

1973 2002tii.JPG

3:4 front.jpg



Vern The Vintage 2013 Brad Day.jpg





Roanoke Hotel.jpg

Vern being judged.jpg

Vern & Rising.jpg



Vern at Hilton Head.jpg

Vern Mid America 2019.jpg


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Happy Anniversary to Vern and Andrew. Hoping for lots more 10 year celebrations.


Steve ONeill

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5 hours ago, markmac said:

Do you remember the name of the original/previous owner?


Steve Palamar of Telluride Colorado.

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Vintage 2011.  Believe we had to stop at either a Lowe's or Home Depot.


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Yes in the Lowe's parking lot I had to replace a fuse, the only problem I had that trip.


Ah the memory of the Red Car Street Gang. That's Wegweiser's F'Bomb next to Vern & P2 is the yellow car. 

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Great story and great post, Andrew. Congratulations on your anniversary and good for you for having driven your tii 120K miles in 10 years, impressive!

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