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Engine project including LH 2.2



An engine project including LH 2.2


Several years ago I came to this Bosch LH system used in old Volvos. I became curious, got one and checked it out in an 02 parts car. It ran immediately, but the idle was inacceptable and I didn‘t get this under control. My car was running fine with the KF, so the LH fell asleep again.

But the KF is no good for short-distance driving. Too rich when cold, too much soot and too much fuel. Hard to trim to different camshafts, 4-throttles and such. So I took the engine out, removed the KF and started to install the LH2.2 system and some more.


Cleaning the chain cover for the tensioner cap:





There was a kind of groove inside, probably due to corrosion. I don‘t know. But it is the original part to this engine and it had to return to its place. Yes, I should buy a 4-jaw chuck. Lathers like Tom may dispraise me.

Then there are these E21-series filter sockets. I don‘t know what this additional sprue in the centeris for, but I found a purpose for it. Lathing again:








An oil temp sender. There are these senders instead of the pan plug, but I think this is not very exact. Wire ugly to run. Coming quite directly from the pump, this should give a true value here.


Oil pan:

Aluminum version from a 1600GT. I had it already being modified to fit the 02 subframe but I didn‘t know it doesn‘t fit the pickup. So I had to switch to the later E21 pickup:





Fits good, but only without this tin can.




No. I can't weld aluminum.


Base finished:



1600 Block bored to 89,25mm, 2002 crank, tii pianos, -head and -dizzy and a 284° Schrick camshaft. I‘ve never heard much about this, but it was sleeping in the shelf for many years- so I put it in. It fits:




So from here we go. Block with ignition, starter, alternator, water pump and base wiring. Open for intake ideas.

Concerning the LH system I would need: electric injectors, a second water temp sender, a bypass for the idle air control, a different throttle linkage and some more smaller things. The injector port is taken from a 75-77 320i with K-jetronic, the water divider also. Divider maybe 318i what‘s more or less the same. I already wrote in a thread some time ago that I don‘t like this later 318i intake because of the difficulties about the battery and airbox.






The bypass is branched off at the front of the throttle body. A short piece of water line from the hardware store, both ends tapped. I cut slots at the sides of one end and got a tapper this way.




Flipped, lathed for a hose and inserted:





On the lathe for cleaning the inside:




With IAC and fuel pressure regulator:




There‘s an additional manual idle valve parallel to the IAC. I didn‘t know if I would need it or not, but to have is better than to need. The pictures are taken on a kind of model engine where I‘ve prepared all items before installing them into the car.

Pretty tight , hardly light:




The lever linkage maybe the best there is but it is a lot of stuff. Let‘s go cable now. First checkout:






Later I added a drag spring between the pedal lever and the soul to protect it from overload. Did you know that the inside of a cable sleeve is called ‚soul‘ in german?


Nearly complete:








Harness with combi relais for injectors, oxygen sensor, pump, air mass meter and IAC. And there‘s a voltage limiter to avoid peaks getting into the ECU but it‘s useless. The limiting is too low and the ECU doesn‘t get a solid speed signal so I had to jump it.


I‘ve been driving with the car but I‘m not satisfied with the idle. Maybe replacing the IAC will make it better- as far as the covid regulations don‘t restrict me from working on the car. So far til today






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