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A quick pause for our safety sponsors.. Audi.



So after some soul searching I realised that in order to do this thing right (and safe) and not feel rushed I needed to get a daily.  I have been considering it for a while as I haul precious cargo often and drivers here often do not pay attention to red lights or stop signs.  I wanted to get something that would be safe, air conditioned and something my significant other could drive.   So when I was presented with an opportunity to get my friends 2004 Audi A4 i.8t I said yes.    


My friends 85 year old grandfather owned the car which was always dealer serviced.  He purchased it in 2008 with 75K KM's on it, and now it has 101K KM's.  The thing is like it came out of a time warp.  Full dealer service records show that all the major services, including $4000 to replace the timing belt has been done.  It has been parked underground in Vancouver all its life so the car is perfect including 5 (yes he replaced the spare)  new michelin tires 3 weeks ago.  The only problems was the turbo which popped a seal which I suspect from not being driven more than 2500 km/s per year, although they do go in these cars somewhat early.   So $150 for a replacement turbo is in the mail and 5-6 hours of work to swap it out, likey this weekend.  


What does this matter to the 02' folks?.  It means that I can park the car for a week or two at a time to do the big stuff,  like changing out the head studs and MLS gasket. Install the new gas tank (more to come there),  get the battery relocated and begin to wire up the MS3. The part that sucks is that I wanted to get a new daily car in the winter so that I could park the 02 it and work on it then.  I will still have it out this summer, but perhaps not every day. 


I will post some pics perhaps mid turbo replacement and once I get it on the road.





Looks like this one. 




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Oily turbo change complete.  Just need to take it for a run on the highway.  Man what a smoke show.!!!   Just waiting for a new intake pipe as the old one was cracked.  


Hopefully next week I can park the 02 and get the new tank in, and the battery relocated and then start wiring for the MS3. 





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