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Custom 3pt rear seat belts



It's been a while so this is a catch up post. I wanted to share the custom 3pt rear seat belt brackets that Patrick fabricated for Ernie. 


I drive around a lot with my kids in the back seat and from a safety standpoint, I have never felt good about the lap belts. But I also never liked the look of those bulky top mounted 3pt rear belts. So I reached out to @bluedevils and purchased a set of his 3pt rear belts that are intended to be mounted horizontally underneath the parcel shelf. As part of the kit, Al sends a couple of brackets and mounting hardware. The kit requires cutting a slot in the parcel shelf so the belt can slide through. 


After inspecting and test fitting the brackets that Al sent, and a couple of weeks of admitted bitching and moaning, Patrick decided he could do way better and designed and built a much sturdier bracket that would spread the load much more effectively in the event of a collision. Safely first!




The brackets are made of thick gauge steel and are mounted to the underside of the parcel shelf with proper strength bolts and hardware.





Patrick even added a rolled edge on the side that the belt rubs up against. 






Next up is to build a new parcel shelf cover. As part of his kit, Al sends plastic covers that'll finish off the this part of the build and give it that factory installed look that I was going for. 



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Jeez our cars are going to have similar stuff.  I've drawn up something nearly identical in cad.  Looks great!

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Maybe @AceAndrew can, but Patrick build mine by hand based on measurements he probably scribbled on a post it note, not a CAD drawing. I'm also willing to bet he built the brackets based on a sketch he made with a sharpie on his welding table ?. He's old school. 

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