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Sensing something is different (this time).



Good afternoon everyone. 


Welcome to phase II.  


Just to make sure that everyone is up to speed.  I purchased a basket case turbo setup from a fellow member.  After I sorted out everything, including a somewhat surprising turbo rebuild, I am just about to start with the first steps to getting the turbo installed. 


The hard part for me is (besides getting the time) is that I need to make sure that the result is safe and reliable.  There are some things that BMW changed since they built these, and considering my family does climb into this car occasionally, I need to ensure their safety, as well as my own and others. 


That being said, with this build I want to have as many data points as possible.  What I learned from the Sniper EFI build is that I needed more data points to really understand what is going on.  Considering I am doing this with stock guts, I am interested to see what these can really handle, or at least what mine can handle. 


I do know a couple of things.  


1) Always have oil going to your turbo

2) Have a good drain so you don't burn oil. 

3) Keep things cool as possible. 

4) Shoot shit tons of flames out the hater pipe sticking out the hood when the cops aren't looking because it makes people laugh.  WOOO HOOOO!!!!! 


What I have done so far with the engine is minimal and really there to make sure that it is reliable.  I have focused on ignition and oil pressure, both the things that are important when trying to make things reliable.  A misfire under boost is apparently a big deal, and one that causes things to bend that shouldn't... like connecting rods.  The list is below. 


1) Catch can

2) Crank Trigger (hall effect to be converted to reluctor wheel) 

3) I.E windage tray

4) I.E Oil pan baffle

5) I.E Radiator

6) New  E21 oil pump

7) New timing chain tensioner. 

8)MSD 6AL 

9)123 Dizzy (bespoke to flagoworld if he wants it after I am done) 

10) Sniper EFI (going bye bye) 

11) MSD Blaster II

12) MSD 8.5 MM low resistance plug wires. 


I just finished listening to Past Gas (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/past-gas-by-donut-media/id1479468209), and the episodes covering the mid night club . What those crazy cats always said is that speed is nothing without control. So I have been focused on making sure that the running gear is well sorted.  So pretty much everything  running gear wise has been gone over,  I don't mean new,  just gone over and replaced if needed. 


I am currently waiting on a the disk brake conversion for the rear,  not because it will do too much more braking than the drums,  but because it will help keep things cool and consistent.  I thought about Wilwood, but let's be honest it is a street car, not a drag car.  I am just looking to keep it up with modern standards and keep it operating safely considering the power increase that I may see.  


So this is what is done in the last 12-18 months. 


1) Bearing on all 4's

2) Braided lines from I.E on all 4's

3) Urethane bushings. (I know it rides a bit rough) 

4) Rebuilt steering box

5) Bilsteins on all 4

6) Stage 1 springs from I.E, with adjusters on the front struts and rear spring perches. 

7) Rebuilt diff (although no LSD) 

8). 5 speed (kinda tired but still ok) 

9) New clutch when the 5 speed went in.  


 So now that everyone is up to speed so to speak, I wanted to do a quick summary on the sensors that I will be installing.  Most of these are gotten on the cheap from Ebay.   From what I can tell they are the same ones you buy locally, but take a couple of months to be delivered.   So here we go 




Standard GM style 3 bar Map sensor. 




Microswitches for the clutch and brake.  Clutch switch for datapoint and future flat shifting and anti lag. 





EGT sensors and 4 channel canbus enabled controller.  Ebay special from Istanbul !!! 





Pressure sensors 

1) Fuel pressure on send

2) Oil pressure

3) Oil pressure specifically for the turbo feed. 

4) Not sure just yet

5) Not sure just yet 




Air temp sensors pre and post intercooler. 






Knock sensors maybe 2 on the engine, or 1 plus a spare. 




02 sensors from a company called 14point7.  They have great reviews and are robust and small. 




Garden variety electronic boost controller. This is a three way style, there is a couple of ways these can work, but three way is the one I think works with my setup. 







Corn juice controller.  This is an E85 sensor from a ford/mercury, the bits on the end were from Amazon and interconnect with the special fittings coming out of the sensor.  I want to be able to get on the corn, but i will have to make sure that the injectors are compatible and big enough.  





This thing is already long enough...  I will be staring by moving the battery to the back of the car.  Then work my way forward.   Somewhere I have a couple of GM style fluid temp sensors.  They will go in the coolant, (pre and post head) and oil. 







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