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Reassembly begins.



Ernie is now back at Midnight Motorsports and we are getting started with reassembly. I've brought my hoard of parts and we've taken a general inventory of what we still need. Parts are getting ordered and we're off...




Today I stopped in the shop to begin getting my hands dirty. The first thing Patrick had me do was clean out the interior of the car to prep for finishing the Dynamat install. The previous owner had installed it in most of the car, but due to rust, didn't do the floors. Patrick had addressed the rust earlier this year and replaced the driver's side frame rail and both front floor sections. But for some reason, the finish coat of POR15 didn't adhere well and started to flake off. I wire brushed all the loose sections and then grinded off some surface rust that had appeared on the exposed bare metal. Then I applied a coat of Rust-Oleum epoxy finish. We'll also hit the inside of the doors and panels where the body shop welded in the lower body trim holes. Tomorrow I'll come back and attempt the dry ice trick of removing the factory sound deadener from the rear floor sections and install Dynamat over the work I did today on the fronts.  




Next up, headliner. Turns out the one I had purchased previously was only a partial piece. So we ordered a new one and it should arrive sometime this week. The headliner will be my first major project. I've never installed one before and I'm looking forward to Patrick teaching me how to do it. 


More to come. 



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I haven’t tried dry ice but an oscillating tool with a straight blade works very well on factory sound deadener 

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Looks great James! Having done this, I suggest that before you get the headliner on, assemble the sunroof and test it and also get rust proof primer/paint on the inside of the roof, esp under the roof beam/rails. Have fun!

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