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And the waiting has begun

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Or what do you do while you wait?


The body is at the painter for some light body work and paint. I expect it to be there for a couple months. Maybe more.

I did tell them that I wasn't in a hurry. Mainly because I haven't figured out where I'll put it once it's done or where I'll reassemble Betty. Garage space being what it is right now.


So, I have time on my hands in regards to working on the car. So, what do I do?

Well, I have several parts that still need restoring. The heater core is first. Then there are the front and rear subframes. Those aren't in bad shape, but could use new bushings and new paint. 
Seeing PaulTWinterton's work in the Sub-frame Paint? thread has me thinking about going that route. But as Steve mentioned in that same thread, black may be the actual color to use.

Not that I'm going for any concourse winner level work with this restomod, I still want it to look period correct.


We also need to work on are the interior pieces. We'll recover all of the stock seats and are looking for a good kit supplier. The sunroof parts need to be cleaned up and polished. I'll follow the advise here: http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/sunroof.htm 

There are these little white clips that cover the rear pop out window mechanism that's crumbling and broken. Does anyone know where to get replacements?


That's where Jo and I are now with the project. Waiting for the body to come back from paint AND restoring the little bits here and there. 

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