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The one constant

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My Wife and I bought a new house. We close on it tomorrow and start moving on Wednesday.

Before we bought I had a scare and I almost made a bad decision. That was to part out my project and let Betty go.


A lot of people on this site were very nice and offered good prices for the parts that I had posted for sale. And they were even nicer when I came to my senses and retracted my ad.

Everyone was very understanding.


Jo and I would figure out how to make this work. The house we're buying only has a two car garage. We need three.

So not only will I be moving into the new place, but will begin planning for a new detached workshop/garage!


So, that bridge has been crossed and the project back on track. The sale of our current house and purchase of our new house proceeded. Deal's done and all that's left to do is pack up and move.

Here's the thing. We've lived in this house for 21 years. Longest I've ever stayed put. The problem with staying in one place that long is you accumulate a lot of crap. And I mean a metric ton of junk.

Literally. The Swiss I think have a word, Döstädning.

I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace this fully, but damn, I have a lot of junk.


The last several days have been spent purging and cleaning and purging and stuffing things into boxes. Everything for the car has been packed away except the seats, wheels, dash and the engine.

The chassis has been hauled off to the painters. It'll be there for a couple months. The rest of her parts have been put into quite a few boxes. It's funny how a small car, when exploded like it is, takes up so much room!


Today, I tackled how to get the engine off the stand and into a crate for transport to the new house. I've never build an engine crate before so I did some research. Which means YouTube.

I figured that I'd use the old scrap wood I had in the shop and have at it. Here's what I came up with.


It's pretty secure in there. Resting on the oil pan in a cradle. Then there are braces on the sides of the block to keep it from rocking. Also there are side supports to keep it from sliding back and forth.

What's not shown are wheels I installed to make it easier to move around on the floor. It should do for the short move. At least I hope it will do!





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