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BMW CCA O'Fest & BMW Classic CCA Highlands Tour



50th Anniversary BMW CCA Oktoberfest was pretty awesome. With a few exceptions. 2 iconic BMWs were in the lobby of the hotel. Yale Rachlin's 1974 2002Tii & Parker Spooner's 1970 2800 CS. At dinner, I was notified by Paul Cain "There were not enough cars in Classic Super Clean" so I was bumped down to "Classic Clean". It rained Wednesday on the Concours. I discovered too late there were 6 cars in Classic Super Clean, after Vern had been judged! Needless to say I felt a bit cheated by this fiasco! Learned via text message later Wednesday evening Vern place 3rd, in Classic Clean, judges only did interiors because it was raining.


After the Concours was over, I joined the BMW Classic CCA for a tour to Highlands North Carolina. The 507 had a fuel delivery issue and after some fussing was flatbedded back to The BMW CCA Foundation. The tour of the mountains was a two day affair. Aside from awesome roads we visited "The Wheels Through Time" Museum. All American bikes from Pebble Beach winners to one of Evel Kneivel's Harleys and everything in between. Dale Wexler wasn't there though his son Matt was, he spent considerable time with us and the Veritas. Aside from the car's fugliness, it has a BMW 328 motor. It was pretty cold & frosty in Highlands, in fact colder than my home Maine!


Friday I headed back to the BMW Performance Center for a Charity Lap Ride in BMW NA's 25 CSL, I was 7th in line. As I was strapped in, I told Alex Schmuck this was a dream come true. He didn't disappoint. We were off with a quickness as Alex shifted & powered though the turns just shy of losing grip, I was having a blast! Quarter way into the 2nd lap as we exited turn on the CSL just quit running! We coasted to a stop, Alex tried to restart, as it was cranking over the battery died. Alex apologized profusely because I didn't get my full two laps. Though I was bummed, the time in the car was fantastic. We spent at least 30 minutes waiting for the tow vehicle.


At 2pm Friday I said my goodbyes and headed North to Boston for a Retirement Party Saturday at 5 pm for a very good friend. Vern & I covered 1,052 miles and made it to the restaurant at exactly 5 pm! It was worth the trip to surprise him. "You're here! I thought you were in South Carolina!" I replied "I was. Wouldn't miss this this for anything!"


Other highlights: Ed Zinzmier's 2000CS, simply stunning in person! Bo Black winning 1st in Classic Super Clean! The Coffee Soufflé at the Edwards Inn & Spa! Route 28 into & out of Highlands NC. Spending time with my BMW family, "If it weren't for the BMW CCA, I'd have no friends." - Andrew     

















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