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Not starting? Rut Row

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We'd had Betty for about half a year when I started noticing she was down on power. Was having trouble starting up in the morning and gasped a bit when pushed.

Just like me!


But one morning in the fall Jo said she went to start her up, it cranked, started then stopped. I went out to try my hand at starting, because I think I can turn a key better than anyone. 

Sure enough, it wouldn't start. Cranked but no start.


After a quick check to make sure we're getting fuel, spark and air I rolled her back into the garage and started digging in.

The last thing I checked was compression and sure enough the numbers were very bad. Diagnosis done, it was time for a rebuild.


I called around and got advice from a few people. The shop we ended up choosing to do the work was Autosport Seattle. Great shop. Very knowledgeable and great customer service.

And since we had the engine and transmission out AND it would take a few months to get it back, we figured now was as good a time as any to do a little 'light' restoration.....


Little did I know that I would fall victim to the old "While you're in there" trap. Next thing you know, I'm stripping down the whole car with Jo, bagging and tagging parts, and prepping for paint!








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