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Yep, I own it.



They say the first step to recovery is acknowledgement. 


OK, I own this one. It's all me. 


Street parking in Seattle neighborhoods is kinda a pain in the arse. The week before the 4th of July I was busy shuffling cars in and out of my driveway. In doing so, I parked Ernie in the street in front of my neighbor's driveway so that I could move my wife's car. Something I do all the time. My neighbor is cool with it and she does the same when she needs room to move stuff. Then I went inside to take care of some stuff.  At some point my neighbor texted me and asked me to move Ernie so she could run an errand. I quickly did so and ended up squeezing Ernie into a parking spot closely behind my Vanagon and ran back inside to finish what I was doing. Later, I was running late to pick up my kid and her friends from some event, so I ran back outside to jump in the Vanagon to take off. I threw it into reverse and then BAM... I backed into my own damn car with the van.




I was in such a rush that I forgot I parked Ernie behind the van. My Vanagon is a lifted 4x4 Syncro and because I parked close I didn't see it in my rearviews when I backed up. DOH!


So, here begins the journey.



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So sorry.  I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I am having to take a $800 bath on a shitty turbo,  totally my fault, since I responded too late to an email from paypal.


Preventable accidents and misfortunes are the worst when they aren't prevented.  Thankfully the damage isn't structural, but still kills you because you end up spending money fixing something that didn't need to cost you anything. 


I would offer help, but I have a 75, so nothing I have will help you.   The good news is that you have great folks here that can help to get you sorted. 


My condolences. 


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And this is not the best part... 3 days later someone stole my Vanagon. 


But that's another story for a different blog. 

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Man, that sucks!


Had my 3.0 CSi take a field trip on me in 2013 while moving cars around, stopped by a few trees. $3,500 in damage paid by insurance.





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10 hours ago, Teelinger said:

And this is not the best part... 3 days later someone stole my Vanagon. 


But that's another story for a different blog. 

At least they didn't steal the 02... it seems like the harder of the two to replace.  

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