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Broken Grill Slat Fix



One of the slats on Vern’s passenger side grill broke. I tried several backer rods which were all to big. I wound up using a WD40 straw so I don’t have to worry about galvanic corrosion. 

The repair worked better than expected and pleased with the results. Unfortunately I found other slats with stress cracks, so I’m going to reinforce them before they break. Checking the driver side grill too.






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Nice going, I hope it holds...


My go-to repair method is JB Weld and a 3” length of coat hanger wire. I lay a generous bead of JB Weld in a 3” area across the crack, drop the wire down on top of it, press it down and add a little more JB. It’s always worked great and I’ve never encountered any “galvanic corrosion” (god, you’re such a geek! ?).



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■ Hello
Is restoration progressing smoothly?


I also repaired the grill in the past.
The used grill I got was broken.
I tried brazing but failed.
Finally, the bent metal (wiper rubber core) was epoxy bonded.
I am enjoying the restoration slowly.


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