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Exhaust | Update w/Sound



Update:  I shot a short video today to capture the sound of the ITBs and the exhaust.  I'm very satisfied with how everything is sounding.  Thanks to Patrick for revving the motor.  Video link below...  


The exhaust is done.  A custom built system by Patrick O'Neil at Midnight Motorsport here in Seatown... I win again.  IE long-tube step header, Summit Racing glass pack and Magnaflow muffler with a 2.5" (or maybe it's 3.0", I can remember) center exit.  Dead center.  We planned that when body work was underway.  The cutout for the exhaust tip was relocated to the center of the valance.spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png







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52 minutes ago, jp5Touring said:

Very cool hows the sound ? Video would be great. Oh and that Jenvey,   nice. 

Thanks.  I am also wondering how it sounds.  First fire up of the motor happened late last week.  I haven't been back to the shop since its been running.  I'll try to get some video...

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How about an update on sound!  I'm needing a customer exhaust and curious what a glasspack and magnaflow sound like together.  

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very nice.....Patrick did the same set up on mine except with a twin tip. Congrats on the build.... looks great.

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Thanks  It would be interesting to compare how our cars sound side by side.  It's almost there... megasquirt still needs to be tuned along with a few other bits.  It's getting close.

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