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Getting Close to the first Fire up!

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It was much more of a pain than anticipated to get all the brake plumbing sorted and bleed but it's behind me now.  The 2402 now sits on eibach lowering springs.  the rear looks right, the front still sits a little high for my liking.


The recent activity has been to get the car wired and fuel system complete.  The wiring started out quite unruly...IMG_7309.thumb.jpg.c2c28f6e040f9a246a708bf3028252e6.jpgIMG_7306.thumb.jpg.dd6126867241e349b9d137934deecb6c.jpg

I have spent quite a bit of time routing and re-routing with many many zip ties.IMG_7312.thumb.jpg.290a8082308f77d6492d59a0cdf4f220.jpgIMG_7311.thumb.jpg.3401c6db5400860c3fbf0b6eadf0f13e.jpg

The acrylic panel will mount in the glovebox area.  It will give good access to the relays, fuses and a good place to mount my OBD port. There will be many many more hours spent integrating the Speedway harness with the ECM. 


Finally on to fuel system.  The pump is mounted and almost all my plumbing supplies have arrived. 



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