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A little inspiration.

Last year, through a friend, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Egger, the creative genius behind Specialized Bicycles.  He was an awesome guy, and I think this article describes him perfectly... https://rouleur.cc/editorial/egger-specialized-fun-creative-director/


Besides us both having an industrial design background, there was another common thread between us... BMW 02 ownership!  Robert had recently completed his project car and I got the chance to get a look at it up close.  He went for a more "race" inspired look but intended the car to be his commuter vehicle into the Specialized office.  He considered other options - a Ford Focus RS or a Toyota Prius, but ultimately decided he wanted to build something unique for himself.  He said he was surprised by how many "young kids" in the office were interested in the car when he drove it in for the first time.  The car was also displayed at the Specialized tent in 2017(?) to launch a new Stumpjumper at the Sea Otter Classic.  The car also showed up last summer at one of the Canepa Cars & Coffee events in Scotts Valley, CA.  


Robert has an amazing home and workshop, so completed most of the restoration work himself.  I'm forgetting what exact year car he started with, but maybe someone on the forum can sleuth it from the photos.  




He wanted the interior to be stripped down and race inspired.  The paint finish on the roll cage and floor pan is better than most have on the exterior!  There was a story behind the tartan insert fabric as well, and he brought it home from a trip specifically for this build.  It's also used beautifully in the trunk area.  






No back seats, but cool little "cubbies" he fabricated himself... 




An interesting solution to making those cute little bullet mirrors actually functional... 




Yup... when you're Robert friggin' Egger, you can even put your name on the valve cover... ;) 





A very unique/bold/cool build.  I hope it inspires all of you as much as it did me!  Who wouldn't love to roll up to work in this?!!! 




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