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Recaro Refurb

I've had a couple of questions about the seat upholstery on my project car, so I'll provide some additional details... 


First of all, the car came to me with a set of VW GTI Mk2 Recaros installed. I immediately loved the size and support of the seats, but the blue velvet just wasn't quite the look I had in mind.  ?  Given all the work ahead, it seemed kind of silly to target the seats as one of the first pieces to complete, but it really helped me "anchor" the rest of my choices.  I spend some time looking around online for options to refurbish with specialists, but I wasn't looking for a typical re-upholstery and I worried that trying to explain what I was after would get lost in translation over the phone.  Luckily, I found a local upholstery shop that was familiar with the seat type and had been doing customs and hot rods for some time - Tony at Brandt's Custom Upholstery.  He had just moved to the Medford, Oregon area and was trying to get his business established so he had time to take on a "quick project" like this.  In the end, I'm glad I decided to go this route as I was able to consult with an expert and review tens of samples of materials before making my final selection.   Tony is tee'd up to complete the interior with matching carpeting, door card inserts, and a desperately needed re-build of the rear bench seat when it's time.  











With the foam rebuilt and fresh upholstery, these things look and feel great.  I don't have any experience with the other Recaro options out there, but it looks like the E21 seats are very similar and I'm sure make for a similarly awesome upgrade.    


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BTW - I've been searching for the little plastic "Recaro" badges that press into the seat back.  Thought I had a lead on a set from a dude in France, but he cancelled the order on me.  Anyone know where I could find some?  

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