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Elektro - MG?

As reported in my first post, I intend to build my 1968 1600 into a full electric conversion while retaining the character of the car that we've all come to know and love.  It's a great idea, and one that I owe much credit to my father for planting.  My Dad has always been into British cars.  He owned Triumphs, MG's, and even a XKE Jaguar when I was young.  There were always projects in the garage and you always knew where to find Dad...


Fast forward 20+ years, and he's still at it.  This time, though, he decided he'd learn more about electric vehicle technology by converting a 1972 MGB-GT, one of his favorite British sports cars.  It took about 3 years to complete the restoration and conversion, but in the end, he's got a daily driver that's more powerful than the original and certainly more reliable!  He's taken it to the ReFuel races at Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA twice now and while he's not scorching the track with new lap records, he's having a great time with it.  He's running a 100hp permanent magnet motor with about 240Nm of torque coupled to the original 4-speed with a racing clutch.  The lithium-ion battery back is courtesy of our former employer, Brammo, who got acquired by Cummins (yes, the diesel company) for their electrification strategy.  He squeezed about the same size capacity battery pack as a 1st generation Nissan Leaf, and more than a Chevy Volt, all while keeping the curb weight to the original gas car's at ~2,300lbs.  


So... I guess you could say his car is the proof-of-concept for my conversion and certainly the lessons learned on that car will help keep us out of trouble on this one.  As this is a blog about the BMW, I'll not cover much of the development of the MGB-GTe, but hit me up with a PM if you want to know more.  

REFUEL Cars B-Session 2 (Corkscrew)-CPT_8035_Jul0118_CaliPhoto-2.jpg

REFUEL Cars B-Session 2 (Turn 2)-LSR_4074_Jul0118_CaliPhoto-2.jpg


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