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Hello, 2002FAQers!  I've been lurking on the site for some time now since acquiring a 1968 1600-2 (VIN 1561262) about a year and a half ago.  I've decided to start a blog based on the belief that someone out there might find my project somewhat interesting.  Here goes... I'm converting the car to full electric.  The 1602e was the first true BMW electric car, built in 1972 for support of the Munich Olympic games.  These electric 1602s were the precursor to BMW's "i" division.  So... you might call my car a kind of resto-mod / tribute to those original cars.  For those unfamiliar with this little slice of 02 history, see video below... 



Before you get all bent out of shape about "destroying" a vintage car... this thing was a non numbers matching wreck to begin with.  The best I can tell, most of the driveline was swapped with later model 02 or e21 parts and the car had been used a trackday car more so than a daily driver.  The previous owner claimed it came in a package deal with the car he really wanted - a mint e30 m3, so he was looking to get rid of it.   That said, I LOVED the car for the few weeks I drove it around before beginning the restoration work.  If anything, it just cemented the concept further that the weakest link in the car was the drivetrain.  


I'm sure it's a familiar story for many here... once the restoration began, the problems started to sprout up like weeds.  In the end, both front fenders, the passenger side rear quarter, and the tail panel all needed replacement.  I don't intend to cover every detail of the body/chassis restoration in this blog, so I'll let the photos do the talking.  The car was stripped down to bare metal and brought back into ship shape.  I also added IE turbo flares, front air dam, and deck lid spoiler along the way. I really struggled picking a color, but in the end settled on Porsche's Etna Blue.   


My intent is to make a really solid daily driver with plenty of real-world range and performance.  This won't be a race car or a "Tesla-swap" with 600hp.  I'm using a Parker GVM 210-150 motor coupled through the 4-speed transmission (yes - you'll be able to shift it) to push torque at the "crank" up to 257Nm / 189 lb-ft and power to roughly 150hp.  I'm still working on the battery pack, but will be somewhere north of 300Vdc and 30-40kWh.  I intend to keep the interior as close to stock as possible.  The target is to keep the weight roughly the same as the ICE version of the car... i.e. about 2500lbs.  More to come... Hit me up with questions or let me know what you think of what I've done thus far... Thanks for checking it out!  





















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This is so cool and something I’ve considered as well but have been unwilling to be the guinea pig on. I look forward to following your progress!

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I love this, and I'll bet you can do a lot better than stringing 12 car batteries together!

(In fairness to BMW, it was 1972...)

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looks like an amazing project!

love the work done so far ...


and yes ... the inspiration is 100% spot on.


we are also deep into the conversion process on two '02s in the shop ... a slightly different spec ... but the same challenges for sure


shoot me a PM if you want to chat more.


can't wait for more content!





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Very cool. I plan to do something similar with my 02, although my time frame is a lot longer. What is your plan for the battery placement?

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The battery will be distributed in two areas.  The first is between the rear fender wells in the forward cavity of the trunk space.  The frame has been reinforced in this area to support the weight of the battery (roughly 240lbs).  This will be the "rear" battery.  The "front" battery will either replace the rear seat or be located up in the engine bay.  I'd prefer not to mount it in the engine bay to keep that area looking nice and clean, but it may have to go there.  Lots of pros and cons to work through on that one... Look for a future blog post on battery selection and location.  

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