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What Lies Beneath… the fenders.



Took off the front fenders to see what was underneath the seemingly solid fenders.


After burning off the old lead that smooths out the upper seam, we removed all the fender bolts holding everything on. A bit of wiggling with a screwdriver to break the old body glue and the fenders were free.


We discovered the blinker buckets were largely gone - and "remade" during a previous restoration of the car - a scotchbrite pad was shoved into the space for body filler to grip to as the bucket was "fixed".


The outer edge of the headlight areas were also rotted out and after drilling the spot welds off removed and we made some new ones to put in their place.
















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1 hour ago, Eulean said:

...and how's the bottom of the door column? ;)



It was actually OK - took the sandblaster to it and POR15 system.

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 Nice work. I am on the fence about removing mine. It appears they have been removed or replaced in th past by virtue of there being no 'line' visible at the originally leaded seam. I fear damaging the metal there if I must separate a weld that was made. I guess I would use a cutting wheel but I am left nervous thinking about it. On the other hand, rust coming thru after painting because I hadn't removed and treat them makes me feel a bit ill. Good luck with your project!


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Thank you for the info and the pictures. I will be pulling mine in the next few days, In a previous life my car has taken numerous shots to the nose so I think there is more plastic in there versus original lead but your shots give me a pretty good idea of how to attack this.

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Hey, I am doing the same stuff right now. Does anyone know what the "Foam" like tape was in the slot and flange at the front of the fender? I am talking about the nose and the strip of metal that "capture" the front fender....it had foam tape or similar in the groove. Thanks folks?



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it was a seam sealer to seal the fender to the nose.  Use a good 3M seam sealer, fill the slot then install the fender.  Make sure it's primed with epoxy primer first.

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Good advice Thanks. I am using weld through at the weld, and epoxy primer elsewhere. I understand the seam sealer, though there was a foam strip where the fender slots in. Regarding your comment-- I think I will forget the foam strip and do it all up with the 3m Seam sealer, foam equals moisture absorption.

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