Car is finished!



So its been a while since I've added anything to the blog. The car was finished in October. Just in time for winter in Ireland. With crappy weather and salted roads here, I've only managed 200 miles in 5 months. Though the weather is finally starting to get better and the car is finally being driven!


The car was lucky enough to be featured on the cover of Retro Classics magazine. (Irish car mag)


I plan to take it to plenty of shows this summer. First show is this weekend, me and my dad are taking the car over the Irish Sea to the Practical Classics Magazine show at the NEC centre in Birmingham, England. The car will be featured at the BMW Car Club GB stand.


The car is driving great though there's a few niggles to sort out before the long drive, including its running in service. image1.jpeg.b4f7cda0f21d44750cf82623db9a29da.jpeg19rZNpwPTla8Qyc8IZyoLw.thumb.jpg.a458e814db7f8faf4f32f73d4d56e1d1.jpgIMG_1892.thumb.JPG.4c21c9e08d1c1a5f0f9ba5eb5b7a63aa.JPGIMG_1893.thumb.JPG.fc155122725e95cefa79a362c5c009cd.JPGIMG_1895.thumb.JPG.83df2c558427929236ba57d8ba82ef56.JPG166040658_NspRQXRIQuAtSCoITqiWA.thumb.jpg.598cbc29ef1eec2d0f78bf8419fb044e.jpgfullsizeoutput_3dc1.thumb.jpeg.986ccc7a39fc86ab08c2ac18da18f74c.jpegIMG_5015.thumb.jpeg.80b6548c0d1cf8168fd72b60bf8e0532.jpegIMG_2633.thumb.JPG.080ebef1e717bce9b9b84dcc0b547dee.JPG1083856653_mwdjecEER9CZVWnqCczDw.thumb.jpg.2da6286128c58fe35ae6c50bf04fd7a8.jpgIMG_1896.thumb.JPG.99e6ad495258c851f791704520fb6778.JPG



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congratulations looks fantastic - giving me even more motivation for my final few months of work on my 70 02.

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