Semper ubi sub ubi



Subframe nearly complete. After replacing the brakes, she should be set to get bolted back on. Can't wait to get her back on the road!


R&R'ed mostly everything:

  • Diff rebuilt with new bearings
  • CV joints re-packed
  • New half shafts & hubs
  • Wheel bearings
  • All bushings & hardware
  • Sandblasted & POR-15 frame


Before and after:





Rebuilding the diff was probably the most difficult / nerve-wracking. Removing/reinstalling all the bearings was definitely a learning experience. The upside is that I have a shiny new shop press. :)


The wheel nuts were giving me nightmares based on all the posts here, but a long stretch of angle iron and this bad boy made it a pretty easy job to get to 280 lb/ft of torque.




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