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Forward progress that looks like going backwards???

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It's been a while since my last post.  I have made progress it has just been extremely slow going.  To go forward you have to go backwards.  That means the engine out...again.IMG_6885.thumb.jpg.3ec368e321aacbbae588361f25ce3587.jpg

Dropped from above, not too scary.


Still not high enough...getting sketchy.


Its Free!


And I can breath again.  With the engine out of the way i finished up brake lines and fuel hard lines. 


Not too bad looking of an engine compartment. Now time to add in the rats nest of speedway harness...


I moved the battery to the trunk and made a new mount for it.  I might have oversized the battery a little...


After two orders the correct clutch finally arrived and the engine is ready to go back to its home!2019-03-03.jpg.1925cfc5a94c7555a906ddae0c68606f.jpg

After years of hoping a turbo finally materialized from work...A lovely GT2867 ball bearing with a small turbine stage.  This will be stage two.  It will spool IMMEDIATELY with the 2.4L ecotec.  I will get it running NA first, but turbo will probably be next winter's project.



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