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No Joy



got Around to fiddling with the RestoMod Air mock up box and it doesn’t look like it’ll work. The box is just a bit too tall - I can get it into the right spot but it’s too close to the metal support of the dash to actually hook up any supply lines. 


Time to finally get around to refitting the heater core and controls. I’ve certainly put that off long enough. 



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That's what I found also with the restomod unit. 


I decided to spend my money elsewhere, but we made a plan to make it work.


I'd have chopped up a bit of the heater shelf and dash support and then made a custom enclosure to fit around it that meets up with the front edge of the firewall where the water pipe for the heater runs out of.


Basically getting the unit as close back to the firewall as possible, then building a bracket that comes out from the firewall to allow for the fuel return and vapor lines and then opening up the heater box hole a bit more to run the air tubes.


I might undertake this in the future, but I have two Behr units to turn into one well functioning one and the $1,000+ the whole thing costs is better spent elsewhere at the moment.

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