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Project speed ramping up



This fall the tent that I used to store the ‘73 shredded. I moved the car to the shop I co-own now and have decided to stay late on Fri and Sat nights to make progress on the car. 


Knowing that this car will be my “hot rod” I’ve been acquiring go fast parts for it. So far I have a set of Bilstein HDs, a Weber 38/38, an IE 292 cam, a 3.91 LSD, an IE stainless header, ansa full exhaust, a 320is steering wheel, and high bolster bucket seats from an ‘84 Ford SVO. 


Since I moved the car to the shop I’ve been picking at when life doesn’t keep me from staying late.


I installed a replacement L/F floor pan from WN. I also fabbed and installed a patch panel from the A-pillar to the pedal box and wrapping around the bottom of the pedal box.




Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on the replacement L/R floor pan- repairing holes, replacing the outer mounting flange, and trimming it to fit the car.




Yesterday I also installed the 38/38 Weber and modified a 2bbl air cleaner to fit. 




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