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2018 Wrap Up / Tally Up



Figured I'd throw up a post with my car status as of the end of the year, list some high-level things on my to-do list this year, and an updated "how much I've spent" listing.


Wrap Up

Shortly after I painted the engine bay, I cleared out the garage and pushed the '02 in, so I could work on it in the cold Michigan weather


I removed the wiring harness from the engine bay (wish I had done that before painting, was easier than I thought it would be), installed the IE pivot bearing/sleeve for the booster, hooked up the brake master, and ran Andrew's cunifer brake line kit in the front.


Got the car up on Quickjacks, pulled the driveshaft off, and ran the brake line to the rear T.


Also test-fit Andrew's headlight covers






Lowered the car back down and dropped the engine in:




I then used a Harbor Freight engine bar to keep it from flopping over, and then raised it back up.


Things to do for 2019 (in no particular order)

Install RHD Engineering lightweight flywheel, new Sachs clutch, and Getrag 240 5-speed trans.

Bleed brakes

Install Speedhut Speedo + Tach in my instrument cluster with CF vinyl + Dash cover (Teaser pic for my next blog entry*)


Repair passenger side floorpan + heater hole in firewall (bottom lip is rusted away)

Make new engine bay wiring harness using a Delphi connector


Start engine for first time

Rebuild rear subframe/suspension/brakes

Install Limited Slip Diff

Gut trunk (what little remains of it), install 16 gallon aluminum fuel cell in stock location, run new fuel line, install EFI pump

Finish interior

Enjoy my '02 for the first time ever


How much I've spent so far


This has all the engine rebuild stuff, so I'll start with the total and then itemize below that.


Previous total - $10,006

Engine rebuild - $5,027

Front Susp/Brakes/Rust Repair - $2,723


Running Total - $17,756


And I'm probably forgetting stuff.


Engine Rebuild Costs:



Front Suspension/Brakes/Rust Repair:





*Blog entries are not guaranteed


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Where/what is Andrews Autosports? Curious about what this brake kit might be but I can’t find them on Google. Thanks! 

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Ah, thank you so much!  I have been away from the board and my project for a while and I am trying to do some catch up here and on the car!  John

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