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• A Lifetime of Sports Car Collecting--First Tribute Car



I've been interested in sports cars since I was very young. The pictures below represent a few of the more "midlife crisis" points in time. I started with British cars, graduated to Porsche, and then came back to "BritshIron." (Misspelled, because folks already used the correct spelling). I thought you all would be interested in pictures dating back to my British car years.


This BMW tribute project has captured my interest like few other projects have in the past. Thanks to all in BMW 2002 FAQ for helping. Also, I'm gradually learning about how to carry out a blog on FAQ! Aloha, Robert





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Robert- I see you got one started... but forgot the pictures of the actual car. Very impressive collection!



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Thanks, Jim. The "poster child" shot of the car that starts the blog, with my son and Frosty, was taken on Christmas day. It had just started raining here then, and it's been raining ever since! They'll be lots of pictures of the BMW as soon as we start the work.


Thanks for the car collection comment--it was fun getting them, and a relief (along with some regrets) to see them go. Down to five collector cars now, including the BMW. A more manageable group now that I'm flirting with "golden years!" And, the BMW is way more comfortable to drive than any of the three-wheelers! Robert 

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I also love British cars and have had a few of those in your collection over the years. And, like you, I moved over to Porsches , and now am learning about the e10... Like minds. I love the look of your shop. Nicely laid out, beautiful cars... Good job.

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Thanks, Moto Carlo. Here's a few pictures of my most expensive move into Porsche-land, a 1989 911 Speedster. I bought the car with 5 miles on it. Another one I probably should have kept, but such is life. I'm enjoying this 1600ti clone project just as much as any prior car. The BMW project is affordable, and fun! Mahalo! Robert



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