I debated long and hard about wheels since the bottlecaps that came on the car weren't in great shape and also I preferreded a vintage appearance and size.  


I thought about finding a set of original wheels and hubcaps.  I tried to find a set of fps alloy wheels without success.  Minitlites look great but are too generic for my taste.  There have been some amazing steelie choices discussed and pictured on the forum and I still think that would be a sweet option.  In the end I found a set of E21 Alpina wheels and had them professionally refinished with new Toyo tires.  


The question now is BMW center caps or Alpina center caps?




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Sorry to bust your bubble but your wheels do not look like E21 Alpina wheels but instead look like standard E21 13X5.5 wheels. Look at this website to see the difference https://www.bmw2002faq.com/wheels/2002/

The below discusses E21 wheels. The key difference is E21 wheels have little or no lip and Alpina wheels have a noticeable lip. 


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Thanks Gordon.  I should have specified alpina style wheels.  You are of course correct.  Not the real deal.

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I think the Turbine wheel on an 92 looks very good, to me they are somewhat of a signature wheel for the period, especially when you consider how many models had them.

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Bummer...I have five (5) FPS alloys that are blasted and ready for powder coat or paint I'm ready to part with.

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