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Winter Project Progress in December



All the cosmetic work has been completed. Have to admit that there was tiny amount of water migration at the lower rear driver side fender lip. A 2 x6 inch section was cut out and replaced. There was also a paint crack at the base of the passenger side B pillar which was stripped and welded.


Currently replacing the old Bimmer Parts Co. carpet with a German square weave from GAHH. The old carpet will live on in a friend's Malaga 2002.


Font seats are at the upholsterer and rear seats will be delivered tomorrow for new pads.


Bumpers are being sent out to be re-chromed at a different plating shop.


Original 2-piece dash and glove box are at Just Dashes in Van Nuys CA, quote to restore and recover and ship back is $2541.00 and should be completed mid-April 2019. So I will most likely keep the 1-piece dash currently in the car for the 2019 driving season. 














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Stripped to bare metal, extensive metal work including new spare tire well, both rocker panels & new fender, 3 coats of hand sanded epoxy etching primer, wet sanded Glasurit single stage paint, complete engine tear down & rebuild, wiring harness rebuilt and wrapped, new firewall insulation, bumpers chromed & grills ceramic coated. Speedometer & clock rebuilt, dash sent out for restoration, which didn't work out. Installed a 1 piece dash as a stop gap measure.


Fast forward 18,000 miles during the 7 month driving season. Time to repair and touch up and focus on the interior. 

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So how did you get to $2,500+ on the just dashes side? What was the condition of your dash? I'm thinking of sending mine to them, I hate the "open ended" cost estimate once you've committed to the shipping to get it them. I read a lot about Etsey carpet on this site what was your driver to go with GAHH? My body chassis is on a rotisserie for some rust repair, sent my E21 Recaro's to Ardvarc for a refresh, dash should be next.

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That’s what a 2 piece tii costs from Just Dashes. Quote last year was the same. Went with a different company last year that estimated $1500. The work never happened, so here we are again at Just Dashes. Approved the work as long as they include the dash printing.


My other option was find a crack free 2 piece and knowing how unlikely it is to find one pay for and ship it. Just Dashes seems to be a fair price to pay.


Mario made the call to use GAHH for the carpet. It’s the kit VSR is happy with and use on their 2002 restorations. Nothing against Esty.

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