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Rear Wheel Bearing Number 2



As some of you will recall, on the way to Mid America '02 Fest. I had to have my passenger side rear wheel bearing replaced. Well had it fail after between 7,500 & 8K miles. This time I while on the BMW Classic CCA Lowcountry Discovery Tour. After calling around to a few places and setting up an appointment, I sent Mario an e-mail. He texted me Karl Troy, European Road & Racing, call him. Karl was very personable when I called and explained the situation. I arrived at 12:15 and Vern was immediately taken in. Diagnosis, bad right wheel bearing. Luckily a local parts supplier had the bearings & seals in stock and was just 2 miles away! The outer race had welded itself to the hub, and took a bit of time to remove. I was on the road by 5pm. I was very impressed with Karl and his shop.


Now the big question is why did the last one fail so quickly? 

Bent stub axle?

Bad bearing from Walloth-Nesch?





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Why it failed is a mystery at this point. I do appreciate everyone who made the April replacement possible. Everything was done correctly so it may be a separate issue that has caused both the original and its replacement to fail.


Lance, Saffet and I talked briefly about it last evening. 

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