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While I was refreshing the car, I wanted to make some changes to the body.  While at the body shop for the floor repair, I had them close the impact bumper holes and shave off the reflector lights.  I installed a chrome rear bumper,  a set of euro turn signals and some nicer belt line trim.  These were all extra/spare from my 73tii project that weren't good enough to put on that car.  I went with a pair of driving lights and mounting brackets from Kooglewerks.  I like the end result and I didn't get too carried away with paint and body to deviate from my objective.





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I'm installing the same rear bumper to my '74 Polaris. can you explain your install process? thanks

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That rear bumper looks gorgeous, you went for the real deal ! Am about to change my bumpers but am going on the stainless steel shiny version much cheaper...


There's a bit of work involved, you have to weld where the shock holes go , there big holes and bondo the little holes around the rear.


I will post the pics in the coming weeks, I just purchased the bumpers and the brackets, Feliz Navidad to me...

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