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Interior Refurbishment



The interior had its good points and its low points.  The good news was the door and rear interior panels and front seat covers were in excellent condition.  The dash had the usual crack, but only the one crack and otherwise good shape.  The low points were the rear seat covers, carpet and most significantly, all of the seat pads were discriminating. 


I started with a new carpet kit over the freshly painted interior.  I ordered new rear seat covers from Aardvark.   I purchased polyurethane foam and restuffed all of the seats.  While i had the front seats apart, I installed seat heaters for those non-snowy winter days.


The end result is a freshened and comfortable interior.







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Great for you. It looks lovely. I am facing a similar situation in my near future. Did you stuff and recover the seat yourself? Looks super. I am thinking of going with a molded carpet for the look which I think I am preferring. How much of the interior did you paint? Did you remove all the factory stuff and tar under the carpets?  Nice work, DJthom.

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It really looks great! What kind did you go with; one piece or many? From where?


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First and foremost my wife Veronica gave me the carpet as a Xmas present. When it came in, somewhere in the middle of  November she said "Go put it on"


Stockinteriors, the many, nylon loop, I asked for some swatches, I ended settling with 602, I felt that was the closest color to the original. I thought the carpet was very affordable, under $300.00

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