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2018 Catchup #3 - Engine Bay Cleanup



After I pulled the engine last year, I started stripping the engine bay.


As usual, I went to the forum for advice:


My original plan was to epoxy primer it all and then paint back to factory color.  Then it got too cold to paint, and the car sat over winter.


And then the engine bay rusted up...again.


How the engine bay looked after pulling the engine last year:





Inka + unknown orange + overspray + black paint + grease + dirt + rust


I stripped most of it off, then let it sit over winter.  This year, it was like this:



After some wire wheeling:



Fot the nooks/crannies, I got a harbor freight gravity feed blaster gun, filled it with baking soda (several times), and blasted those areas.


Since the weather was starting to get cold again, I went with the quickie option, Rustoleum rattle can primer and paint.  It's nowhere near the color the car is currently painted, which isn't Inka, but looks waaaaaay better than it did.



Got the subframe and suspension back in, and applied some Hushmat to the firewall:



I didn't take any more pictures after this, but the car is offically OFF THE JACKSTANDS again.  Calipers/Rotors/Brake Lines were installed, Rims mounted, and it's now a roller again.


More to come!

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