Intake back and a bit of a mock up



So I got my intake back... in one day.  I think he is getting a little excited to see this thing going.  Some more picks.  I thought that there may be an interference problem with the coolant pipe that comes out by the carb, but it is on an angle and will not interfere with the TPS sensor on the EFI.   


I realized after the mock-up that the fuel inlets will have to be around the front since the throttle lever needs to hang over the side to work.  This is something I needed to commit to right up front because the flange and adapter are offset.  I tried flipping it around and nothing lined up.   Perhaps I could mod the throttle lever to work on the other side, but I feel that the lever rotation towards the firewall will make it easier to put together a linkage.  Also If it ends up not working, It will be saleable. 


I had to order a new water diverter, I could feel the pitting on the inside of the pipes, so it is just a matter of time before it pushes through all the way, and I have a leak.   


I also ordered a linkage kit for a Link manifold.  I thought it was the most flexible option I have at this point, although I am not willing to let go my beautiful heim jointed linkage just yet. (silky smooth) 


I had the port on the intake drilled and tapped for the 3/8 npt coolant sensor, It should be ok, but I will double check.   I could be wrong, but it looks like a standard GM unit.  I had the other vacuum ports for the emission hoses welded shut as well.


I had the intake ports matched to the head. I had read that had helped.  Also, I ordered a 1 1/4" flex-hone, to help smooth out the casting in the intake.  I am not taking it down all the way to a polish, but just smooth it out a bit. 


Now back to the stupid heater box.  So dam fiddly, I will be glad once it is in.  Every time I think I have all the cracks fixed, I find more.  It should be in by Monday... make that Thursday or whenever...  The weather is gorgeous here in Vancouver, and I will be spending as much time as I can with my family.









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I like where you are going with this, it's making me think about doing something similar. I can't wait to hear your progress.

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Any pictures of the flange face /adapter?


Following this and cheering on. 

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 Here is a little bit of intake stuff.  I did it primarily so the site will have a record of what a person can do with a drill and a hone.  I got an Amazon 1 1/4" hone to smooth out the inside,...  It broke off, so my strategy after that was to go through every port equally,   I worked the last port more after i took the pictures, so it is much better.   


 Before and after
































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That's looking good. I know it's hard work, I've ported a few manifolds over the years and it's slow going. Never used a hone always a carbide bit. I wonder if you had a better quality hone if it would work any better? Looks like the hone blends it in nice.

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It looks like you're putting a lot of hard work into this.  It's all looking great, and appears to be coming together.  We're excited to see the finished product.  And you are correct:  the CTS we use is the same exact style as the GM 2-wire coolant temp sensor.

-Luke @ Holley Tech

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On 10/21/2018 at 7:44 AM, BK69 said:

That's looking good. I know it's hard work, I've ported a few manifolds over the years and it's slow going. Never used a hone always a carbide bit. I wonder if you had a better quality hone if it would work any better? Looks like the hone blends it in nice.

I had just washed it off, so it looks pretty smooth.  I had asked the FAQ to see if extrude hone would make sense, but the response was to not make it too smooth (which is counter-intuitive from my V8 Camaro days).   The thought is that due to the small volume of air moving, at idle, the fuel could fall out of suspension.  Now that was back when I was using a carb.  The efi theoretically should atomize fuel better, but who knows?  This is all a bit of an experiment. 



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