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Questioning the path forward



Engine selection  

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  1. 1. Which (non-BMW) Drivetrain

    • Stay the course: Ecotec LE5
    • LS all things: 5.3l/4.8 TH350
    • It worked for Carrol shelby: 302 Ford/T5

Finally got around to starting the wiring of the 2402TI.  The speedway kit I picked up was nice and fairly straight forward.  Spent a few days trying to really plan out where everything was going.  Then I learned that the kit really works well with a GM column connector.  That got me to thinking about if i could get rid of a U joint with a longer column.  Sure enough I can! so now staring down the prospect of redoing my steering system I thought it wise to pause for a bit and make sure there is nothing else I would change at the same time.  


The drivetrain is the part that I have questioned more in the past year than just about anything else.  I have to put in rack and pinion and build a massive tunnel to fit the ecotec.  With that said I now have a giant engine bay with a 2.4l 4 cylinder. The other options out there may be too good to pass up.


Option 1: stay the course, lighter but also lower horsepower


Option 2: pick up a junk yard LS and a th350.  Not the most engaging to drive but the most HP for the least amount of money.  This would simplify my coolant plumbing and driveshaft. 


Option 3: 5.0L/T5 this is the cheapest option due to having friends with left over parts. Probably as heavy as the LS and only ~40hp more than the current ecotec.  This would at least be a manual trans. 




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