So I finally stopped navel gazing and ordered the gear up to install a Holley Sniper 2BBL EFI system.   The parts list is below.


SNE-550-849 2 BBL EFI THROTTLE BODY $849.95
SUM-230615 S.S. HOSE -6 15FT $57.99
SUM-251000 FUEL PUMP EXTERNAL $119.99 (ordered this as the Holley unit seems to fail quickly in some cases)
VPE-16612 -6AN TO 10MM X 1.0 METRIC STR  $11.90


Also ordered a Holley 350 (same base plate as the Holley EFI)  to Webber adapter. 

Anticipating that I may want to go EFI I have installed the following already 

1) AEM wideband 02 sensor

2) Electric fuel pump with a Painless Performance relay harness

3) Inertia safety cutoff switch (cuts off the fuel pump in an accident)

4) 90A alternator

5) Ireland engineering  radiator  (to make sure that everything is cool)

6)-6 braided fuel line from the tank into the car (pre-pump, post tank)

7) All (I think) of the maintenance stuff and while you are at it stuff. 


Things I will need to do other than the obvious. 

1) I will likely have to take off the intake.  It has to be "hogged out" to make the intake opening compatible with the EFI unit.  

2) I will port match the intake to the head and maybe smooth out the inside a bit.   I had read that the two inner runners shouldn't be touched, and just do the outside two runners as this will help even out the flow. 

3) I will also modify the bit where the upper rad hose goes into the motor to accept a standard temperature sensor so the EFI can be appropriately tuned. 

4) I may have to get a -6 inlet put in the gas tank as a return as the one for the evap tank (my car is a 1975 Cali spec) is rather small and may cause fuel backpressure issues if the return line is restricted. 

5) I will have to figure out the pedal linkage, this is easy stuff,  my fabricator guy, and I can figure a solution out I am sure. 











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Very interested in how this tuns out. Hopefully you can post something once your project is done. I've been thinking EFI for a few months but haven't gotten to the actually moving forward part yet. 

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