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Hello whoever may be viewing this!
My name is Quinn Ward, I am 16 years old at the time of writing this, and I live in SoCal, so I have plenty of reason to install AC, trust me. Here is what has happened up until now with me and my 02.
I first found interest in the 02 when my father brought home a tan 1975. Soon after he introduced me to the roundie model years, and that’s when I decided that it was the car I wanted as my first.
After a while of searching and going out to look at some available cars, we ended up finding a black 1972 2002 that was converted into a Tii (except the clock and badge). After receiving if we found it to be less than we expected, we ended up deciding to use it as a parts car for both my dad and I.



We then found the car I ended up keeping, a white 1973 2002tii, mostly stock but it has some modifications including IE springs. 
I then began building it up and learning by working on it myself over time.
In no particular order, here is what I have done so far:
-swap front seats with recaros and reupholster front and rear in a beautiful high-quality navy blue leather
-installed parking brake upgrade
-installed 1992-1995 Civic armrest, also reupholstered in the same leather with my fathers brand logo burned into it.
-installed BEHR AC unit with all modern components
-installed sound deadening in the doors 
-replaced transmission mount
-installed stereo system using some leftover Polk speakers and a sub as well as an amp and an Out of Sight Audio mk3 unit, allowing me to use either the original radio or Bluetooth to my phone.
-replaced door panels for ones in better condition with holes already cut for the speakers
-fixed Tii dash clock
-swapped Tii manifold
-powder-coated and zinc plated Tii intake
-replaced mechanical fuel injection belt
-installed and powder coated strut bar
-installed rs001 replica wheels from pats car
-installed camber plates to fit the wheels
-machined custom spring hats to fit camber plates 
-installed new horns
-swapped our steering wheel
-installed passenger side mirror
-built hidden phone mount
-installed driving lights 
-swapped out windshield washers
-swapped out steering column stocks
-installed kill switch
-installed volume control, bass level, and on-off switch for stereo system
-installed trunk fuel filler
-replaced wheel roundels
-installed dual shear gear selector rod
-installed aluminum short shift lever
Quite the list!
 Here is a kinda-sorta before and after (this was before adding front camber and removing wheel spacers)






Here come come all the photos:




















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yep, except it doesn't stop that well, both rear brake cylinders are leaking, that's what is next on my list and will likely be my next update. (also I need to create a rubber bushing for the front suspension, the camber plate made it a bit rough of a ride cuz its all metal.)

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