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Start with two things:  a 3D printer and a nice piece of 3D modeling software.  Those two things recently came together for me.  The rest is YouTube videos and the pig-headedness to fail again, again and again until it's done.

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I model for a living but I figured you could only get somewhat decent accuracy for 3d scanning them. I do wish I had a 3d printer, sounds like you could make a lot of prototypes.

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3D scanning is great.  But, it did not give me what I really want to make, the turn signals.  The L/R turn signal has a metal frame and a plastic lens.  You can scan them together.  But, to get models for them separately, you will have to separate the lens from the metal frame.  The plastic lens curled inward once removed from the metal frame.  I have no other options but to build the models from scratch.  (I also have a Grunblau CNC in the gargage 😉).

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