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Dual extruders usually work best when two colors need to be deposited on the same layers.  This almost looks like an overlay.  Are the two filaments from the same vendor?  I'm assuming this is ABS?  PLA will melt in a hot car.  It looks great and the threading looks excellent so you certainly have your printer dialed in!   Is the plan to sand and verithane this, or leave it uncoated?   

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This was my first attempt at printing using dual extruders.   The two colors were deposited on the same layer.  I used an ooze shield to help.  No, the two filaments were not from the same vendor (in hindsight, I should have).  Yes, I used ABS.  I cheated with the threads. :ph34r: The fit was really tight, so, I cleaned the threads with an M15 1.5 tap.  There is no plan for the knob.  I am still learning this 3D printing thing. 


PM me if you would like the files for the knob to play with. I can't publish them - Don't want the IP guys to go after me.

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That looks pretty nice!    I'm thinking you will need to sand it smooth/flush to eliminate the extrusion lines.   Consider printing the colors higher than the ribs and then sanding down to the ribs.  Either way will work but it might be very difficult to sand it evenly and without clogging paper.     


I've developed and printed a lot of 3D stuff and have 2 printers including a very large Folgertech FT5 (12" x 12" x18").  Sadly, I really haven't found any practical applicaiton in my car restorations yet.     

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