An introduction to my 73' 2002



I am starting this blog late into the project but I hope you enjoy! In December of 2016, a little over a year and a half ago now I bought my first BMW. It is a 1973 2002 base model which is a good starting project in my opinion. My whole goal was to get a 2002 that I can tinker on and basically customize the way I want it.The plan was get a car that I could do most of the work on myself and use it as a learning experience, as well as having something that is rewarding and fun to drive. Over the past couple years I have learned so much and I am hoping to have the car running and on the road for summer of 2019.


December 21st, 2016: With help from a few friends we picked up the car took it home on a trailer. The car was rusty, full of dirt and other crap, mice had gotten into the headliner, the fenders, rockers, and a-pillars were rotten along with the trunk and some other common spots... basically the car was not worth salvaging but that didn't stop me. These are just a few pictures of the car when I picked it up and some pictures of what things are starting to look like all taken apart and cleaned up. There will be more to come in other blogs! 




























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